Padrino System



Padrino system also known as Palakasan or Patronage system in the culture of the Philippines is a system where filipinos engage in illegal activities in pursuit of their own interests. Some are driven through nepotism (favors due to family affiliations) or cryonism (favors due to friendship) or even “utang na loob” (favors due to debt of gratitude) as opposed to merit or qualifications. Because of this, Padrino System is considered as “the biggest roadblock to the development of our society” because it does not only choose the unqualified over the qualified and affects the quality of job but it also delays national competitiveness by rewarding the undeserving.

According to David Easton, politics is “the authoritative allocation of values in a society” whether or not it will benefit the society. Philippine history has shown that the Padrino system’s most abundant participants are the people of power or businessmen and government officials which leads to the question, “Why are the people of power the most abundant participants of corruption? Is it because their positions gave them power to do these or do they do these to stay in power?”

~Mary Payumo