So what is the effect of the padrino system to the Philippines? Why does it seem vital enough to be a big deal? What does it do that a bill has been drafted against it?

Well…as we repeatedly say, the system is a tool for corruption and the most abundant participants are the people of power. Businessmen, policemen but most of all, politicians. So how does this affect our country? For one, the continued rising of allegations against the Philippines’ top leaders give our country a very bad image. Our country might be seen as a country where people can be easily fooled or even as bad as a country that does not care about being fooled or a country that is full of selfishness. If so, we might lose our integrity and dignity in the eyes of the other countries the same way most of the Filipinos have lost faith in our own leaders.

Padrino system has a huge influence on politics. Politics that consist of conenctions. Many government agency like BoC play the unfair justice of padrino system. Many government employees as been able to enter government even though they are not qualified but because they have their padrino to back them up, other deserving individuals are bypassed by individuals who has padrino. Because of connections, people who participate or abuse the padrino system has the confidence to way itself to corruption given that they have their padrino to support or protect them. This can be very evident in political dynasty.

Economically, it is obvious. If what we are supposed to get, may it be service or goods, are being taken away from us, it only makes sense that we will be lacking of it. Hence, if we are given inadequate officers just because they have backers, we will be lacking the right kind of leaders or officers. This, is a loss for our country because if we want to develop and progress, we will need the best kind of leaders. In terms of goods, for example, when there is a misuse and misdirection of the people’s money as was exposed by the PDAF issue, our country lacks progression. Because the money that was supposed to be for the development of our country, its organizations, and its devastated lands, has been distributed to the rich people for their own use. What was supposed to be for our schools, hospitals, water and the advancement of our technology are all turned into dust. In effect, the poor (people, country, leadership) just keeps getting poorer and the rich just keeps getting richer.

In terms of social effects of padrino system. Padrino system is a habit that’s been part of our culture. Even though padrino system is unfair, there are situations that padrino system will prevail but not to the extent that this privilege will be used until it is abused. In the culture of the Filipino, family and friends ties are important because of the culture. So basically padrino system is a habit that cant be removed by the government. The thing is with padrino system who abuses it is that they disregard the qualifications of deserving individuals just to please their connections. The effect of it in the social aspects is that because the government is open or somehow not discrete in padrino system. Many people outside the system will have a mindset that these people “padrino” can be easily be bribe thorugh connections. That can be abused to the extent using this as a tool for corruption

Socially, the gap between the rich and the poor keeps getting wider and there are only a number of ways the people react to this. They can either act against it, stay detached, or worse, they adapt to the mindset “If you can’t beat them, join them.” That happens when the issue continues and people begin to see it as inescapable and deem it as a way of surviving. For the poor, they will see it as an opportunity to profit from the situation and use the rich’s greed to their advantage. For the rich, they will want to be competitive. If everyone else is getting ahead by using their connections and engaging in illegal activities, they will start to consider doing the same just so they don’t get left behind and be “poor” later on.

All in all, the Padrino System brings no good to our country and SHOULD be stopped.

By Mary Payumo and Troy Marquicias (italicized parts)


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