By Mary Payumo


By Troy Marquicias

  • Why are there proposal of ant padrino system law?

According to a statement that sen. Miriam Santiago, the padrino system paves its way not only to corrupt but also to allowing unqualified employees to the government

Another is that the padrino system bypass the more qualified individuals. The individuals who are favoured to enter the government are the one who has good connections inside. Santiago said: “corrupt na nga, unqualified pa”

With the use of padrino system, many unqualified individual enter the government through connections that has the same intentions of the one who are they connected. These individuals who entered the government through connections will have a same reflection on the one who helped them to enter the government.

  • Why does recruits practice bribe by the time they became police?

Roxas said new police applicants from all regions, having passed all the requirements and exams, are constantly exposed corruption as they have to personally raise funds or seek support from “padrinos” in order to enter the police force.

Roxas said that all should have a equal chance of getting into the police force. He also stated that all applicant who passed have to put their name in a raffle and randomly picked by a official. This is to remove the powers of the padrinos.

Police was exposed in corruption as early as the recuirtment, the police is somehow find ways in receiving bribes for them to able to get back what they outsource.

“Dahil ano ang unang gagawin nyan eh di maghahanap ng ibang pagkakakitaan para mabawi yung sinuhol. So, ito sa utos ko sa Napolcom, I-finalize na yung implementing rules nito at sa darating na mga linggo ay implement na ito. So, ito ay isang malinaw at konkretong hakbang para yung ating mga pulis lalong lalo na yung recruits na PO1 makakapag-simula ng pagiging pulis sa malinis na paraan,” he added.

  • Why does padrino system have a huge influence with regards to corruption?

According to chiz escuedero, padrino system is a root of corruption in which one official or employee of the government will give a gift, for representation or any exchange for faster business transaction, application request, and contracts from the government.

Customs commissioner ruffy biazon confessed that padrino system is rooted already not only in the bureau of custom, but also outside the system of the agency.

Basically, because the agency is already used to the padrino system that even the people outside the agency has the mindset of having padrinos. They BoC accepted the truth about padrinos and they tend to abuse these powers for corruption.

By BJ Fernandez

  • Why is Padrino a form of Discrimination?

I can say that Padrino is a form of discrimination because they don’t base it in the performance of the person but they base it through money wise of the applicant. They use higher position inside the company to easily get a position without the qualification of the work.

  • Why can Padrino cause Corruption?

Actually Padrino starts already with bribing the person inside to get a position, so aside from his salary the person gets an extra money to the person bribing him. The person is starting to raise his salary through bribe and bribing is already a form Corruption.

  • Why is the government still practicing Padrino system?

The government still practicing padrino system because they believe that in helping the person having a job can cause a lot to their families, but they actually helping the person to cause more problems because after they helped the person they are expecting to have an exchange of favors.

  • Why do people prefer to use Padrino in the Philippines?

The people prefer to use padrino because many people have no job these days, so some are getting persons as there padrino to get some job and have an “utang na loob” for exchange to the padrino gave them. They will just raise funds to bribe or have a percent to their salary instead.


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