Padrino Sysytem in PNP

Why do they do it? They do it because they want to gain loyal proteges in the system and put them into position. They do it because they have connections, connections that some don’t have. People at high positions at staff tend to affirm their proteges in the system for them to make sure that no one will be against their so called “clean procedures” . In return, Padrino system is believed to every offices or even at simple communities because many of us thirsts for power. Power that provides resources and even more connections and in the long run, authority to continue the system of palakasan. Indeed, people in the PNP administration just wanted to establish a system of cooperation but in a menace way that power, prestige and people are subjective.

Padrino System in Napoles

Janet Lim Napoles, previously a meat vendor, and soon just popped out as an official on releasing funds for government projects subjected into a billion fund scam in the government. Is she the only liable for this crime? Or just a victim of false belief because of a wrong governance? At this moment, criminal investigation on Napoles is concerned to be used as an instrument to resolve issues in the government. Some senators are pushed through to be convicted because of involvement in the scam. In this very case of Napoles who used to be a simple meat vendor, assumption of Padrino system took place. It clearly shows how simple people can easily get into the position because authorities allow them to do so. Napoles cannot be blamed for what she’d done because she only follows what was instructed to her by persons who have the power to authorize papers and legality who happen to be the senators, which we all know as the law giving bodies. As for now, we should not only reprimand Napoles for all the slip in the PDAF scam, instead use her as guide on how to resolve numerous issues in our government.

~BJ Fernandez


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